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In April 2010 we travelled to China and Hong Kong to visit several international trade exhibitions of a wide range of products.


Some of the contacts made during this visit materialized in new business opportunities with this country. Although we first thought of using these contacts to develop import and triangulation business with third countries, later we realized that we could also add exports to the Chinese market.


To that end we embarked on careful research in wine trading. At first everything seemed extremely difficult, but after patient work we managed to make new contacts and prepare a large list of prospective buyers interested in wine and other food products.


But it was mostly thanks to the efforts of our local collaborators that we managed to find a path for future business.

In this context we created a fancy name, China257, to operate under Belnor S.A., our traditional company which has been present in the market for over 28 years.


This new venture will be targeted at the exportation of food products and wine into the Chinese market and later, into other countries. 

Like any new undertaking, China257 will make its best efforts to improve day after day by learning from its own mistakes.


We hope we’ll be able to increase our product portfolio through Uruguayan and foreign suppliers.


Hugo V. Olivera
Founder of China257

Belnor s.a.
25 de mayo 340 Montevideo-Uruguay C.P. 11000
phone 5982 916 2324 fax 592 2 9170747
skype: belhvo     123@china257.com